To add Spreadsheet to a post or a page you should insert the appropriate Spreadsheet marker. The Spreadsheet marker can be specified in 2 forms:

  1. Short form(doesn’t contain any parameters. All the available parameters are set to default values)
  2. Full form(contains several available parameters. Non-specified parameters take default values)

Available parameters:

Parameter Type Description Default value
id string sets the id of a spreadsheet 1
height px or % or auto sets the height of a spreadsheet auto
width px or % or auto sets the width of a spreadsheet 100%
math boolean enables formulas in a spreadsheet false
skin dhx_skyblue or dhx_web sets the skin for a spreadsheet dhx_skyblue
color_scheme enum (available values) sets the color scheme for the specified skin not applied
autoheight boolean sets the height at which all rows are visible without vertical scrolling true
autowidth boolean sets the width at which all columns are visible without horizontal scrolling false